New Course Offerings for 2018

About Us

BlackWolf’s Mission is to work with leaders and organizations that are committed to being principle driven and socially responsible in their business practices. We choose to work with high potential leaders, established leaders, and organizations who are committed to creating Sustainable Business Strategies and are willing to demonstrate generative leadership that transforms.

About CEO, Founder Robert Krenza

Robert’s 25 years of experience working domestically and abroad with Senior Executives and their teams have provided him with an extensive understanding of their unique cultural nuances. Such locations include Latin America, Russia, India, Africa, the Asia Pacific, USA, Europe, and Australia.

Why the Black Wolf?

The Wolf represents our instinctive nature that is wild and free, filled with sharp instincts, passion, creativity and ageless wisdom. The Wolf is revered for its power to bring transformation and learning to humans.

The Black Wolf howling at the full moon symbolizes bringing light into times of darkness. The color black encompasses everything: what we know and what we don’t know. 

Principle Driven

BlackWolf Consultants guide their clients to the attainment of their goals, which requires an open mind and a willingness to question everything, embrace change, and seek fulfillment.


We believe human beings are inherently whole, creative and resourceful. Our intention is to inspire leaders and their organizations to respond to the current challenges of our world, and to create a legacy that has an empowering impact on future generations in a way that works for everyone.